Georgia softball seniors continue standard for 201

Published by Max Martini
Jan 26, 2018

After ending the 2017 season with a record of 35-23, the Georgia softball team can only look forward in its quest to take on this year. The expectations for this season are high with goals including making it to the SEC Tournament and College World Series.

This 2018 Georgia softball roster includes only three seniors. All three are looking to step up as leaders for their team.

Head coach Lu Harris-Champer said the seniors need to continue with what they have already been bringing to the team, specifically, their heart and pride.

“We're just trying to set the standard high for the younger girls to follow us,” senior Cortni Emanuel said. “Just having everybody buy into what we're preaching and the family culture and everything else.”

Senior Kendall Burton stressed the importance of positivity for the image of their team. Burton said she wants to create a better environment to compete in and get the job done.

When asked about the culture and relationships across the team, Burton only had one word- “amazing”.

“I mean we talk about it almost every day,” Burton said. “We have so much fight for each other on and off the field and it's honestly really incredible and it's really helping our connection on the field.”

In addition to the seniors on the roster, junior Alyssa DiCarlo is being looked toward as a leader for the group with the respect and success she has gained since her freshman year.

Georgia’s biggest competition this year begins at the very start of the schedule. The first game will be played against San Diego State on Feb. 8.

“[We are] not looking ahead, just looking right at our first game,” Emanuel said. “We're just ready to go out there and actually compete against somebody else other than ourselves.”

After a disappointing end to last season, senior Brittany Gray said there are specific aspects the team is working on in practice.


As a pitcher, Gray said she is focusing on location and maintaining speed.

“We're really just working on executing plays, situationally hitting and getting the main points done,” Burton said. “The main goals of the game like getting the bunts down, making sure you get your throws and accuracy in.”

Burton said since last season, there seems to be a sense of pressure looming over the team. However, she said keeping the environment easy and free will be a key to their success.

“[I] just can't wait to see what kind of team this team turns into,” Harris-Champer said. “I love our heart and our fight and our energy and ready to get out there and get started.”